Flightline decoys have come a long way over the past three years. what started as basically an imitation decoy, 'headbanging' on a bouncy rod, has evolved into a sophisticated, deadly weapon of deception, for thousands of Pigeon shooters, up and down the country.

We are proud to have some well known, high profile shooters as our customers.

Ever striving for perfection, we are constantly tweaking and improving the FF6.

Since we launched, back in May 2013, we have been on a steep learning curve. we believe our Pigeon flappers are the best out there, from their realistic action, to the reliability, and ability to pull birds off a flightline from what seems like miles away.

When you buy an FF6, you buy from passionate, almost obsessive pigeon shooters who love their sport as much as you do. Each machine is hand built from scratch by us here in the UK with Love!