The new FF5 Multibird Pigeon Flapper

Flightline Decoys - Always in a flap!

Welcome to the Flightline Decoys website, the home of the most sought after pigeon flapper in the UK..... the FF5!

As the FF5 has developed and evolved, it’s ability
to mimic the actions of a landing pigeon are
second to none, the wing beat now goes further behind the birds head,giving a more realistic look. the speed of the flap can be set up to 200 rpm faster than any other flapper on the market.
Because we have decided the increase the wing
stroke, and angle, it has made using the
Sillosocks Hypaflap on the FF5 unsatisfactory as
the decoy doesn’t function to correctly ...
Therefore we shall be introducing a ‘dedicated’
Sillosocks compatible flapper in the very near future.
There will also be the introduction of our new
‘long range’ remote control unit, which has been
tested and proved out to over 200
watch this space!

Last year we had customers waiting up to 4
months to receive their orders, which is very
frustrating. So now, we will be adding around 15
machines, to the website every week, and when
the last one has sold, you won't be able to make
a purchase until the following week.
This way anyone who buys an FF5, can expect it
within two weeks, rather than months!